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  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind & strength

  • Love & serve others as we ourselves would like to be loved & served

  • Love and care for horses and use them to teach love and life skills

Here at Iron Legacy Ranch we use horses to connect with people where they are at. We have found in our own lives that horses are an incredible tool to connect with ourselves and others, the way God intended. There are so many life skills one can learn from and with horses.


Our passion is to provide a safe, loving, positive, encouraging, educational environment for others to make that connection with a horse.


Iron Legacy Ranch (ILR) uses Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) as a teaching base. CHA is a great organization that trains instructors to focus on safety and a solid foundation.


At ILR the crew daily challenges each other to continue personal education, growth, as well as seeking ways to show love and encourage others.  

Iron Legacy Ranch


Ryan  & Heidi Tracy, Iron Legacy Ranch

Ryan Tracy & Family 

Ryan and his wife Heidi are raising their 4 boys to love God, respect others, and enjoy the feeling of a hard days work.

Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love. 1 Cor 16:13-14

Phil & Lisa Perterson ILR_edited.jpg

Phil & Lisa Peterson

Phil and his wife Lisa live to serve the Lord in all they do. They are blessed with 4 amazing children and 19 grandchildren. 





Meghan (Megs) Allen


CHA Instructor Level

2 Western and English

                                                      Horsewoman and child of God.

Passionate about teaching riding lessons and horsemanship. 


1 John 4:16

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 8.18.12 PM.png

Jerry Herold


Roping Instructor 

20+ years experience


Jerry moved to Wa from WY with his family in 2019. He has Ranched for most of his adult life.


Psalms 127:5

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at

Megan Herold


CHA Instructor Level

 3 Western and English


Megan moved to Wa in 2019 with her Husband Jerry and there 4 children. She has 20+ years of

horsemanship experience.


Proverbs 3:5-7



Jordyn Hutchens

CHA Instructor Level

2 Western and English

Jordyn is, a Born and raised Eastern WA Country girl. This young lady is the hardest worker and she has an amazing sense of humor. 


Psalms 56:3

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at

Johanna (JoJo) Ewing


Assistant Instructor 

3 years experience


JoJo started out as a student years ago. It was a couple years ago she started helping us out around 

the ranch. She is always ready to help with a smile.


Joshua 1:9

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at

Grace StJohn

Assistant Instructor

3 years experience  


Grace started as a student a few years ago. Last year she started helping out at ranch events. She is a born leader and a blessing to all who meet her.


Luke 9:23


Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 9.54.31 PM.png

Brock Tracy


Ranch Hand

9 years horse experience    


Brocks first time in the saddle was at 5 days old. He is passionate about God, horses, and  helping.

He brings great energy to all the lessons and games.

Matthew 6:33


Kalea Herold

Ranch Hand

8 years experience


Kalea was born and raised a ranch gal. This young lady is mature beyond her years. She can ride and work with the best of them.


Psalms 23


Wesley (Wes) Tracy


Ranch Hand

10 years experience

Wes was riding horses days after he was born. He keeps us all on schedule and is a blessing. He loves to make people laugh.

Matthew 6:33